The Rösler portfolio of mass finishing machines ranges from simple rotary vibrator to fully automated surf finishers with robotic equipment. The conception and implementation of systems and processes which are individually designed for the customer are one of Rösler’s core strengths. Metal, plastic, ceramic or wood…deburring, degreasing, descaling, rust removal or polishing: The options for the use of Rosler mass finishing machines are simply endless.

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The continuous loading process is just one benefit of the continuous flow installations. Part input rates and dwell times may be varied in conjunction with the size and sensitivity of the components. Consequently, this technology integrates well into automated process environments. Our innovative attention to detail has been key to our continued success. These factors allow us to offer our customers the widest range of linear continuous flow systems in the industry.

Developed by Rösler, the Continuous flow installation is suited for continuous deburring, grinding, cleaning, deflashing and other surface treatment applications, all within a relatively small footprint. Every Continuous flow installation is equipped with Rosler’s own High-Energy direct drive system. The innovative design of the Continuous flow installations processing channel allows first-in / first-out processing with variable cycle times, and up to 89 feet of process channel length. With Rösler you have the largest product range at your disposal. No other manufacturer can offer a comparable selection.


Centrifugal Disc Finishing For Increased Efficiency

High-energy disc machines offer an efficient alternative to conventional vibratory machines, providing performance levels of up to 10 to 30 times higher than conventional vibratory equipment. Our wide range of machine sizes and varying levels of automation, offer solutions to any kind of finishing problem.

Double-batch System
Rösler has revolutionized the industry with our high-productivity “Double Batch” system and reliable precision gap control features automatically or manually operated.


This series is the compact version that is used both with or without external separation equipment, in the modular system. Both part against part machining or single part treatment with direct work piece removal from the work container are possible, in addition to the use of an additional screening machine. The modular system is well suited for individual machining tasks. Even difficult separating tasks can be solved with a screening machine that is decoupled from the high energy disc system.

These series link the machining unit directly to the work piece separation device. This makes the system particularly user friendly. The processing media remain within the system after being separated from the work pieces. The combined working-separating unit swivels back, motor-driven, into the working position after the separating process and the processing medium thereby returns to the working container – ready for the next charge.

The concept of the E-A high energy disc system is an automated workflow in a compact design. This system technology can be ideally linked with automated work piece loading and drying systems.

Pro line high energy disc systems are designed according to the 2-charge system developed by Rösler. The 2-charge technology automatically offers simultaneous machining and separating in the best quality. Part mixing from charge to charge can be nearly completely ruled out.


A Proven Mass Finishing Technology

Rösler rotary vibrators can be adapted to automated processing at any time with modular auxiliary systems for loading, unloading, rinsing, drying and other “pre-” and “post-finish” operations.

Sturdy and easy to operate, Rösler provides vibratory installations for a wide range of applications. A wide variety of part shapes and sizes can be finished to any kind of surface requirements.


The EC rotary vibrator is the multi-functional jack of all trades among round vibrators. The reason is the ingeniously designed work container shape: A ramp designed to be only half high is ideally suited for machining and separating both small as well as large-volume or bulky work pieces; also ideal for sensitive parts.

The Euro rotary vibrator series has the ideal system technology for automated, interlinked workflows. Equipped with a full ramp and a pneumatically activated separating flap, it can carry out automatic machining and separating in conjunction with the folding weight technology developed by Rösler.

Together with the powerful MS/E-V magnetic separators, the A machine series represents a special performance class. It focuses on the efficient machining and separation exclusively of magnetic work pieces. The automated workflow can be adjusted and monitored via the convenient system control.

Rotary vibrators with flat container bases can preferably machine bulky, large-volume and sensitive work pieces. The media in the working chamber takes advantage of the optimal work piece embedding. Components that require absolutely individual machining are processed without contact – separated by compartmental dividers. The work pieces are removed by the machine operator. With an optionally available base outlet flap, the machine can be completely emptied and work pieces and media can be separated externally.

The LR concept offers a high degree of flexibility. Long radius machines can be used for in-line continuous processing and for batch processing. In batch processing, the machines are equipped with a pneumatic separation flap. Batch processing in LR machines allows the processing of larger parts, with a minimum of part-on-part contact.

Their main application is in-line, continuous-feed operation. Continuous-feed operation allows the LR machines to be placed directly into an in-line manufacturing process without having to invest in expensive batch loading equipment. In the continuous, single lap process, the Long Radius flow systems are ideal for fast deburring, edge breaking and radiussing. Parts made of zinc, aluminium or cast steel can be processed immediately after clipping or casting. Processing times of 4 to 16 minutes in a single-pass cycle are possible.


Impingement-free Mass Finishing

Drag Finishing systems are ideal for finishing high value and sensitive parts which cannot touch each other during the finishing process.

A rotary carousel with up to twelve spindles and fixed parts “drags” the workpieces through the media mass. The rotation of both the carousel and the spindles guarantee an even treatment of the parts. Drag finishing offers a metal removal rate which is up to 40 times higher than mass finishing.

Three machine types are complementing our drag finishing capabilities:

  • R 4/700 SF with 4 work stations (spindles) and a work bowl diameter of 700 mm :
    For gentle surface finishing of delicate components that shouldn´t touch during the finishing process
  • R 6/1000 SF with 6 work stations (spindles) and a work bowl diameter of 1000 mm
  • R 4/1300 SF with 4 work stations (spindles) and a work bowl diameter of 1,300 mm

Our drag finishers are equipped with frequency inverters for variable rotary speeds of carousel and work station drives. The main drive unit is designed for up-and-down movement. All our compact drag finishing systems require very little space.


An Innovation From The Rösler Mass Finishing Division!

Designed For The Automated, Precision Finishing Of Single Components

With its rotating work bowl the Surf-Finisher creates an intensive finishing process at very short cycle times. It allows a highly defined, controlled deburring, edge breaking/radiusing, surface grinding & smoothing and high gloss polishing. The multi axis robotic component holder can precisely target the different surface areas of complex components.

Surf-Finishing can be run as a dry and wet process and allows the finishing of specific component sections without affecting other surface sectors. The Surf-Finisher produces perfect surface finishes on the most intricate components with surface readings of as low as Ra = 0.04 µm.


Precise And Consistent Surface Finishing Of Sensitive Components

Plunge grinding machines may be used to surface finish high quality parts which must not touch each other during the finishing process.

In a Rösler plunge finishing system, the parts are attached to a high-speed rotating spindle, which is then lowered into a work bowl filled with grinding or polishing media.

The spindle is not limited to rotational action. In addition, vertical oscillation and eccentric orbital movement can be used to enhance the grinding action.


You can find this type of machine in applications where the biggest Rotary vibrator, because of the size of the parts, might still be too small. Straight tubs are very suitable for large and sensitive parts which if necessary, can be treated in separate compartments without the risk of part on part impingement. In our unique range you will find different models with sizes from 178 mm x 533 mm up to 1,499 mm x 3,988 mm. Our special long trough vibrators have a cross section of 850 mm and a length of 6000 mm.

Economy tub vibratorsfrom the TE series are driven by a vibration motor flanged directly to the underside of the work container. The direct transmission of force lowers energy consumption in combination with effective machining performance and a compact design.

The TSD direct drive concept, based on special imbalance motors from Rösler, is especially powerful, space-saving and flexible. The drive movement is transmitted directly to the processing mass via the end face walls. As a result of the special drive technology, the TSD Tub Vibratoris the most powerful on the market.

Very heavy components of several hundred kilograms or even very sensitive work pieces can be machined by the specialized drive.

The vibratory grinding of long parts is a long-established component of efficiently deflashing and rounding large parts and giving them a uniform surface appearance. This machine group utilizes the drive concept of our successful linear continuous flow installations. Rösler’s special vibration motor/imbalance package concept allows even installation lengths of up to 6,000 mm to be operated in full continuous operation. Installations with work container emptying are available.

Rösler’s mobile vibratory tubs, featuring integrated separation zones, can be autonomously integrated into existing production lines. The RMO offers unparalleled flexibility for wet processing; thanks to a process water circulation system that is directly installed on the machine. This makes localized, cost effective surface treatment directly at the manufacturing site possible.

Rösler’s TE series of small vibratory tubs feature a compact direct drive system. Compact, efficient and universally usable, parts with small dimensions as well as small batches can be economically processed. Even part to part processing can be achieved in these compact tubs.


Two-in-one Integrated Washing And Drying System Reduces Manual Parts Handling.

Typical mass finishing processes of the WTA are deburring, edge breaking/radiusing, smoothing & polishing, cleaning & degreasing of small bulk parts. This system was specifically developed for part-on-part processing without any grinding or polishing media. WTA systems are available as rotary vibrators as well as centrifugal disk finishing systems. Both machine types allow the complete unloading of a batch of finished parts to take place either by tilting the work bowl or by activating an unload gate in the bottom of the work bowl.

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