Process Water Recycling Systems And
Chemical Waste Water Treatment Systems

For ecological and economic reasons recycling of the process water in connection with industrial manufacturing operations is highly desirable. The principle of the 2-phase separation of solids/liquids with centrifugal force has become the standard for modern process water cleaning systems, which ensures process stability. Powerful systems, combined with sophisticated process technology, allow for a wide range of applications, reaching well beyond just mass finishing


Rösler Process water recycling systems can be connected to virtually any mass finishing machine. This increases the savings potential of mass finishing. Most mass finishing processes such as de-burring, precision grinding, rough grinding, radiussing or polishing are wet processes. Water and cleaning agents (compounds) are the carriers for resultant removal of media and metal fines.

The resultant process water is completely recycled via a closed-loop system. Water and compound savings contribute to significant cost reductions. The system technology is based on special centrifugal technology with an acceleration factor of up to 2000 g, coupled with environmentally-friendly chemistry developed in-house.

Rösler Process-water circulation systems can be adapted to any mass finishing application. Semi- and fully-automatic centrifugal systems are available.

In addition to exceptional separation performance, this series of semi-automatic basket centrifuges is particularly characterized by its space-saving placement in the immediate vicinity of the vibratory grinding machines. The centrifuge as well as the system control and the process water and clean water tank are functionally installed as a complete unit. The core of the installation is the centrifuge, developed and built by Rösler.

In some application cases, it is necessary to centrifuge particularly large quantities of solids or large volumes of water in a short period of time. Installations that provide for manually changing the slurry inserts often cannot be integrated into such a workflow. For this reason, process water circuit installations from the ASS series, with automatic slurry removal, are used here. The special feature of the automatic process water circuit installations is the automatic removal of solid particles after centrifuging into a 300-liter slurry carriage under the centrifuge. After this process, the rotor is rinsed in order to remove any possible residual contamination and to prevent imbalance and consequential short-term bearing wear in the following cleaning cycle. For safeguarding, the centrifuges are standard-equipped with an imbalance monitor that shuts off the system as required.

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